LTU '06 Masters Class - Team A

Lawrence Technological University College of Architecture & Design Guest Professor - Raveevarn Choksombatchai Advisor - Christian Unverzagt

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

First River Glimpse

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Manipulated Edge View Sample 4

Manipulated view at elevated topography along the approach. First initial view of river and identification of the anticipated edge.

Manipulated Edge View Example 3

Manipulated view of edge at one of the locations along the approach, prior to the edge penetration platform.

Manipulated Edge View Sample 2

First image is the entire view, second is the manipulated view.

Manipulated Edge View Example 1

View along approach that offers glimpse of edge penetration. First image is the whole view, second is the manipulated view that will exist within the approach.

Project Outline Text

As the city if redefined, the social interaction has shifted away from the river. The river is the generating current and defining edge of the city. This proposal focuses on the return to this edge, to monitor through observation, the social possibilities along the existing urban beach.

Society has removed its attention away from the edge and looks to generate currents outside of the river's boundaries. A current exists along the edge of the river and has lacked focus and attention.

To promote this existing edge through the manipluation of current, site, approach and the physical penetration of the edge. These penetrations are aquatic from the river and transportive from the boundary created by Jefferson Avenue. The edge exists between the river and the bounded area south of Jefferson. The river, edge, can be identified into 13 regions, each maintaining their own qualities that can be promoted to refocus attention to the original current. Within this proposal we will identify with two or three, with the intentions that the remaining regions can utilize the system and format in similar fashion.

Through the integration of site and approach, a field can be created to bring focus to the edge. The identification of the approach allows for the manipulation of sight as one nears the edge; the specification of sight insinuates edge. Harnessing the existing approach and topograhpy of the site, region, allows for this manipulation and increases the anticipation of the edge, and the subsequent experience of the edge, both from the river and the grounded sides. This system of manipulation of approach and sight can be utilizied for all 13 regions and thus can generate a congruent format for experiencing the existing current of the city, and bring focus back to the edge.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Edge Projection

Blocked Horizon

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Station 'A' Reids Ramp Detroit River

Station 'A' is located at the base of St. Jean Avenue at the Detroit River.
The formal marina located adjacent to the public ramp is the Harbor
Hill Marina. See attached map of ref, #9 for the location of Reids Ramp ( )