LTU '06 Masters Class - Team A

Lawrence Technological University College of Architecture & Design Guest Professor - Raveevarn Choksombatchai Advisor - Christian Unverzagt

Sunday, June 04, 2006

(+/-) Current Flow

  • Mapping the geometrical conditions is under is the relationship to the edge and current of the metropolis that seems to be missing.
  • Thought on the mapping of the water my previous research i came accross an investigation by the Urban Land Institute that related to the abandonment of low-income areas for the development of the middle to upper-income areas. This date i am not sure of, however it seems possible to use this type of shift in conditions that drove many to the edges of the city...(Negitive current flow)
  • Now for the (Positive Current Flow)...what event along the rivers edge brings the greatest flow of humans to water?...The International Fireworks...
  • So, with these two events in mind, it seems possible to chart the water levels during these specific dates and relate them to the social conditions.
  • We need to find specific dates that we can deem "positive & negitive currents" that allows for the water levels graphs to be studied against the social conditions of that time.
  • What were the river levels at moments of Detroits cutural "gathering"?
  • Can we choose events? Are there other ways to relate time into this investigation?


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